Episode 1 – Embracing Wholeness: A Journey to Self-Healing

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The host, Chris, shares how the passing of his father put him on a path to self-healing, leading him to qualify as a master practitioner in hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, and life coaching. He talks about his personal journey and how he decided to use his experience to help others. He also shares how he came to start a podcast to spread his message. He discusses the sacrifices he made and the challenges he faced along the way. The conversation also touches upon the host. This is an interview with Chris, a hypnotherapist. Chris talks about his personal journey and how he got into hypnotherapy. He explains how hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and stress and offers advice on how to find help with mental health issues. He also talks about his own personal struggles with anxiety and how hypnotherapy has helped him. Finally, he shares his contact information with anyone who may be interested in seeking his services.

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