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Hello, I'm Chris, and I'm thrilled to have you here on my website.


Throughout my career, I navigated the corporate landscape with over a decade of experience in leading and managing teams. As a dedicated People Leader, I handled the daily pressures of overseeing individuals and was responsible for meeting performance-related targets. I've successfully guided numerous individuals towards new career horizons and conducted impactful training sessions while delivering compelling presentations to key stakeholders in the business world. My corporate background has equipped me with the ability to thrive in high-pressure situations while staying confident. I value empathy, trust, and compassion at my core. In my leadership roles, I have always focused on listening to and guiding people rather than just managing them. Empathy is a key part of who I am, both in my personal life and career. I'm passionate about understanding each person's unique strengths and helping them see their potential to succeed. I have further developed these skills as a master practitioner in hypnotherapy, transformational coaching, life coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming. My goal is to help individuals achieve their dreams and make a positive impact through therapy.

In the depths of anxiety and the sorrow of losing a parent to cancer, I found myself at a pivotal moment that forever changed my path. Confronted with the stark choice of yielding to fear or summoning inner strength, I chose to courageously press forward. Seeking solace in YouTube videos and an abundance of literature, I embarked on a profound voyage of self-exploration and growth. This transformative chapter inspired me to take a leap of faith and pursue training as a CAM coach (Complementary Alternative Medicine) with The NLP Coaching Company Ltd, driven by a deep desire to support others on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery. Explore more by clicking on "The NLP Coaching Company" to delve deeper into the training I have undergone.


My journey is marked by a deep understanding of the E+R=O methodology and motivational strategies inspired by Urban Meyer. Drawing from these insights, I have honed my skills in the corporate arena to empower individuals to unlock their full potential. Recognised with prestigious chief executive awards for my proactive problem-solving and implementation prowess, I have orchestrated successful recruitment drives and presented to esteemed corporate partners, showcasing operational excellence.

Yet, my most significant accomplishment goes beyond accolades, it lies in my natural ability to connect with others, empathise, and truly listen. By focusing on self-awareness and mastering my responses to internal factors, I have fostered a mindset that thrives on genuine relationships and personal development. Having transitioned from a successful corporate career to focus on coaching, I bring over a decade of experience in guiding individuals towards their best selves. From managing stress and anxiety to boosting confidence, my goal is to support your journey to a more fulfilling life.

I'm registered with the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists). They are an independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, and hypnotherapists. For further details, simply tap on the ACCPH logo displayed on this page.

Step into a world of empathy and expertise where personal struggles are transformed into tools for empowerment. With a background in the corporate world and personal experiences with stress and loss, I am passionate about helping others navigate daily challenges and find inner peace. For more details, take a look at my qualification certificates located at the bottom of this page.

So, why not join me on a soul-stirring journey to embrace your authentic self and unleash your inner greatness. Together, we will navigate the depths of your being, unraveling the threads of challenges to weave a tapestry of hope and transformation.

Together, we will work closely to create a personalised plan that aligns with your dreams. Our sessions will be customised to suit your unique pace and needs, providing a safe space where your vulnerabilities and aspirations are heard and supported, empowering you to reach your full potential.

Let's start with a free 20-30 minute pre-consultation to better understand your needs and how I can help. With flexible evening and Saturday availability, I'm here to support you on your path to personal growth and well-being.



No matter where life takes you, our Zoom sessions ensure seamless support and guidance, no matter how far from home you roam.

Count on me to champion your journey to success. Expect updates on your progress and unwavering motivation tailored to fuel your ambitions.

Certified Qualification Certificates

Cert - Hypnotherapy Masters
Cert - LC Masters
Cert - NLP Masters


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