Hypnosis can help you gain control over behaviour's you'd like to change. It may help you cope better with anxiety and pain. You must be open to suggestion for the real change work to happen. You don't lose control of your behaviour during a hypnosis session.

We will be able to tap into the part of your brain where thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, emotions, memory, and behaviour's originate. In this state, you're more open to gentle guidance from a hypnotherapist to help navigate your unconscious thoughts that are driving your current behaviour. Harmonic progressions through gentle music are played which helps create rhythms and suggest relaxation which send ease to the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis will make you feel sleepy due to the changes in brain waves. Hypnosis and sleep do appear similar, but brain waves are doing very different things between these states.

Is hypnosis safe? Yes, when performed by a trained hypnotherapist. You'll feel calm and relaxed. This will make you more open to suggestion about behaviour change.

Will I feel different after hypnosis? Hypnosis is a powerful tool that produces a range of both physical and emotional responses. Behaviour's will appear different after the first session. While everyone changes differently it may take 3 - 6 sessions for change work to happen.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis can be a helpful tool if you sleepwalk or struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Relaxation techniques can help ease anxiety and stress.
  • Chronic pain, it may help ease and manage pain.
  • Breaking unwanted behavioral patterns, stop smoking and drinking alcohol to name a couple. 

How long will a hypnotherapy session last? Depending on the problem, between 30 - 60 minutes.

Is hypnosis good for me? Hypnosis can be beneficial in addressing the problems related to stress for example. It will help focus your unconscious mind on the problem and create your own solutions. No advice is given, your inner solutions bring about the change.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP? it's an approach to personal development and psychotherapy, it first appeared in the 1970’s and was created by Richard Bandler & John Grinder. This includes various techniques to understand behaviour patterns and how they can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. This will help you achieve the goals you have always wanted. NLP will help you make sense of the world through your 5 senses, then the real change work happens.

A simpler way to describe NLP is to achieve excellence.

What does NLP for do for you? Improve your wellbeing, it will treat phobias and reduce anxiety disorders and help your workplace performance or personal happiness.

NLP is powerful and can help you improve your memory and develop a growth mindset. Through the techniques given from a trained practitioner you can create positive thoughts and associations. Create your own effective strategies and cultivate a positive attitude towards a healthy mind improvement.

NLP works with the conscious mind which is different to hypnotherapy, and it can help you to:

  • Develop plans and carry them out.
  • Develop rapport with other people.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Communicate effectively with others.
  • Control how you feel on the inside, stressed or anxious.

If you feel uncomfortable with hypnotherapy, we can develop a plan to work with your conscious mind through NLP. The packages on offer usually incorporate both hypnotherapy and NLP.

Life Coaching

This is aimed at your wellbeing, and it will help you make progress in your life to attain a greater fulfilment. This maybe in your career, relationships, finances & finally in your mental & physical health. Setting goals and working to achieve where you’ve always wanted to be. We will also look at your daily routines and behaviour's to understand why you behave like you do.

How does Life Coaching help you? It will help you gain a better understanding of who you are, identify your skills and talents. We will take the time to digest what your mind is really telling you, and work towards uncovering what it is that you need to succeed.

Why would you need a Life Coach? If you find yourself in need of someone neutral to hold you accountable for achieving your goals. Maybe you feel stuck and don't know where to turn and need help moving forward.


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